GW Pre-Orders

For all those Games Workshop fans, we will be trying something for this year and showing you the New Releases we are stocking and available for pre-order! We have been doing this on our Facebook page for a while and thought that it may be time to do so here.

We may not have something to show every week, but when we do it will be visible here and on our Facebook Page.

Available for Pre-Order today are some new releases for The Old World and Horus Heresy. We only have one of each item available so get your order in as soon as you can!

GW The Old World
Tomb King on Necrolith Bone Dragon
Tomb Kings Skeleton Chariots
Tomb Kings Skeleton Horsemen
Tomb Kings Skeleton Warriors
Kingdom of Bretonnia Knights of the Realm
Kingdom of Bretonnia Knights of the Realm on Foot
Horus Heresy
Solar Auxilia Battle Group
Solar Auxilia Battle Group Dice

All of these items will be launched on Saturday 16th March. For those that Pre-Order, you will only be allowed to collect from store on this date and any shipment orders will be delivered on or after this date. For any items that haven’t been secured by Pre-Order will be put out on the shop floor as soon as we open the doors at 9am on the 16/3.