Plastic Kits

We stock a vast array of plastic kits in a variety of scales and subjects. We are not a big store, but we try our best to provide everyone – from beginner to expert – with an excellent choice so that there will always be a kit for you. If we don’t have something in stock that you are after we can order it in for you, and sometimes it can be quicker than buying off of the internet.

Plastic Kits as of 31/08/2022
One of our racks containing our range of aircraft plastic kits (as of 31/0802022)

The most popular “genre” of plastic kits is aircraft. They come in many scales but we mainly stock 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32. the following brands: Airfix, Revell, Academy, Eduard, Italeri, Tamiya, Hasegawa, Trumpeter and Hobby Boss have been part of our portfolio of stock for years. However in recent months ICM, Zoukei Mura, AMK, GWH, Special Hobby, Valom and Hobby 2000 have become excellent additions to our stock range as they provide different and unusual subjects to model and provide outstanding value for money.

The next popular “genre” is AFV (Armoured Fighting Vehicle) kits. We mainly stock AFV kits in 1/35 scale, which has been the main scale (we also stock the Airfix Vintage range of 1/76 figures and Vehicle kits) for years. From what we have seen, the recent popularity in this type of plastic modelling is linked with the explosion of weathering products that can be used to make the vehicle look like it is in battle, and the quality of the kits getting better and better. A few years ago we only stocked 4 brands of AFV kits: Tamiya, Dragon, Italeri and EMHAR. But now we also stock kits from Miniart, Meng, Takom, AFV Club, Trumpeter, Amusing Hobby, Das Werk, IBG, ICM, RFM and Gecko. We aim to keep a wide selection of subjects that span from World War One to present day. Alongside the AFV kits we also sell a range of 1/35 figures so that you can make dioramas or add them to your display of tanks to add to the realism.

Our stock of 1/24 vehicle and 1/12 motorcycle kits as of (31/08/2022)

We stock a range of car kits from Tamiya, Aoshima, Revell Monogram, AMT and Hasegawa in 1/24 scale and a range of motorbike kits from Aoshima and Tamiya in 1/12 scale. Aoshima have produced some fantastic Supercar kits from Lamborghini and Pagani, and even some British Classics like the MG B and Range Rover.

We stock a limited range of plastic boat/ship kits. These are usually in 1/350 scale and some 1/700 scale. Our main brands are Tamiya, Revell, Trumpeter and VeryFire as they provide the best value for money and as a collective provide a great catalogue of subjects to make that cover from World War One to the present day.

Any new stock we receive is always posted on our Facebook page and on our blog. This includes new items, new releases, new brands and restocks of all our modelling items.

As mentioned before, we are a small shop and can’t stock everything from all the manufacturers we deal with. Also because of this we currently can’t list our plastic kit stock online as we don’t have the facility for live stock updating (we will put up all clearance offers however). When we do we will aim to get all the kits online. So if you are looking for something in particular, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We hope that this provides you with a bit knowledge of what we stock. If you are a beginner or are interesting in picking up this fantastic hobby, please do get in touch or come and see us and we are more than happy to give you any advice and answer any questions you may have.

Please also take a look at our Tools and Accessories, our Paints and Adhesives to see our vast array of products to help and assist you with your modelling.