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RC Boat Accessories

Along side our RTR items and boat kits, we stock a wide range of RC Boat accessories.

Our main lines include:

  • Propellers – varying diameter sizes and thread sizes to fit your prop shaft (brass propellers are to order only)
  • Prop shafts – varying lengths, thread sizes and metal types. Some of the smaller ones come with propeller
  • Rudders – varying sizes in brass, comes with attachments.
  • Motor fittings – various couplings and inserts varing in different thread sizes and unthreaded sizes to suit your motor and prop shaft. We also have some HD couplings which are ideal for any high power setups you may be using.

We don’t stock much scale and fitting accessories mainly because there are so many available and we don’t quite have the room to showcase them. However, we can get them in for you – such items as: stanchions, port holes, eyebolts, bowsies, bollards, turnbuckles, ventilators, shackles and much much more.

Much of our other stock items can also be used for RC boat modelling. Connectors, servos, radio gear, batteries, speed controllers, paints, wood, adhesives, etc. and don’t forget we can print and/or scan plans for you (up 36″ on one side).