We stock 7 different brands of model paint and we are always on the lookout for new paint systems to sell in store. Below, we have listed the brands we sell and the products within those ranges.

Tamiya Logo

The Tamiya acrylics have been a popular paint for years as they are an acrylic paint that is suitable for a lot of applications beyond plastic modelling. Alongside the acrylics we also stock the relatively new Lacquer range, the Tamiya Sprays (TS) and some of the best selling Polycarbonate Sprays (PS). We also stock the Tamiya thinners for the acrylic and lacquer paints, the masking tapes, weathering palettes, tools and the plastic glues.

We started to sell Mr Hobby (Gunze Sangyo) paints in 2016 after several customers enquired about them. Currently we stock the Aqueous range of paints – these are similar to Tamiya – and are an acrylic modelling paint. We also stock the Mr Surfacer primer products in jar and spray form, fillers, liquid masks, decal solutions, glues, painting accessories, the Mr Super Metallic paints, the Mr Metal Color paints and the Super Clear products. The Super Metallic and Metal Color paints are excellent if you are looking for a bare metal finish.

Another recent addition to our portfolio of paints is the Mig Ammo range. These are also an acrylic based paint but, unlike Tamiya and Mr Hobby, are a true water based paint. These paints have a wide assortment of Armoured Fighting Vehicle colours for many different eras and countries and is one of the best ranges for AFV modellers. However they do cater for aviation modellers too. We also sell the full Mig Ammo weathering system and includes: Mud Effects, Splashes, Filters, Panel Line Washes, Standard Washes, Effect Washes, Streaking Effects and Pigments. Along with the One Shot Primers, adhesives, Burnishing products, thinners plus a lot more exciting products being developed for modellers, the Mig Ammo brand aims to improve your modelling experience.

We also sell the tried and trusted Humbrol and Revell enamel tinlet paints. These paints have been a staple in modellers, hobbyists and makers arsenal for decades. They are perfect for household repairs – the gloss white is perfect for covering chips in the paint work of white goods – but has great success outdoors as we have many repeat customers using them to paint garden ornaments. While these paints may be considered “outdated” by the hobby specific paints above, they still are vital to the community.

As we are stockists of Games Workshop products, we sell the complete Citadel colour range. You can see all the products we sell here.

Two thin Coats Logo

Two Thin Coats is a brand new paint brand by Duncan Rhodes. Like the Citadel Paints they are an acrylic paint specially created for wargaming miniatures and figure painting. The colour shade triad system that is at the heart of this paint range enables the painter to pick the base, midtone and highlight colours much easier than any other paint range on the market. This means that there is more time building, painting and gaming rather than figuring out which paints to buy.

We only have Phase One in stock at the moment and we are aiming to get the Phase Two colours later this year.

Guild Lane

Guild Lane paints are a fairly new brand and they supply an eclectic mix of paints. They have three paint ranges: Chroma Paints, Gilding Metallic Paints, and their newest addition Jubilee Maker Paints. The Chroma Paints are designed for RC aircraft and take the place of what used to be Spectrum/Spetra paints. They are fuel proof enamels and come in scale colours.

The Giliding Paints are perfect for antique touch-ups or for any project that needs that extra sparkle. The Chrome paint is ideal for modelling when you need that mirror finish.

Finally, the Jubilee Maker Paints are a crafter and makers dream. They come in a wide variety of colours that have their origins in the pioneering British Standard colours of the 1930s. They have a great finish and perfect for that up-cycling project you’ve been thinking about.