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We are delighted to announce that we have become an Ultimate Modelling Products (UMP) retailer!

We now have in stock all of the UMP 60ml primers, washes, pigments, sanders, decal solutions, polish system and a few tools and 3D printed accessories.

The UMP product range includes some of the best products in the modelling industry. The thinner can be used with every acrylic-type paint; the clay-based weathering washes are perfect for those getting into weathering for their ease-of-use or those that don’t like the enamel smell; a complete decal solution system that will sort out any troublesome decals; a comprehensive line of sanders; an extensive set of pigments to add more weathered realism to your models; a complete polish system to get that showroom shine to your car and motorbike models, along with loads more tools and accessories to make your modelling easier, faster and more enjoyable!

For any more information, you can see all of the products we are currently stocking by following the link here. We will be adding more of the 3D Printed accessories over the next few weeks. Also if there is any other UMP product that you think we should be stocking, would like to order, or have any further questions please get in touch via the contact us form.