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Yes, you have read correctly, we are now stockists for the Two Thin Coats paint range by Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy – and they are in stock and available now!!!!

We are excited to be adding this paint system to our ever increasing range of paints. The majority of our paint ranges solely cater for AFV, aircraft and cars. The only range that we carry primarily aimed at fantasy at futuristic miniature painting is the ever popular Citadel range. Now, with the inclusion of Two Thin Coats, we now have two paint ranges that are exclusively designed for miniature painting, that can be used harmoniously.

Initially we will be stocking the 1st wave of paints, with the second wave arriving with us hopefully towards the end of 2023/beginning of 2024. Below you can see the colours that are in stock now!

As you can see from the image, these paints have been designed to make your miniature painting even faster by removing the guesswork from the Shadow, Mid and Highlight tones (Triad). Each colour has one of each. So if you wanted to paint a red cloak, you use Berserker Red as the shadow, Sanguine Scarlet as the midtone and finally Demon Red as the highlight. Simples!

To find out more, get in contact or visit us in store!