Skyway Models Hawk 70

Skyway Models Hawk 70


After years of trial, error and redesign the Skyway Models Hawk 70 is back!

The all new Skyways Hawk 70 is here! The new CNC-cut kit, along with the traditional foam wings and decks, gets you in the air quicker than before!

Over the years the Hawk 70 has proven to be one of the best flyers in the industry and with its return to the market – improved and more accurate than ever – its the ideal time to experience the Skyway Models Hawk 70!

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5 in stock

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At Skyway Models, we have always done things a bit different from the norm. During our PlanPack days, the “kits” came with a rolled plan and template sheet, veneered foam wings and top decks, a fibreglass cowl, a canopy or sheet of plastiglaze, a pre-cut bulkhead, piano wire and a few little bits of extra accessories. And that was it. We did offer a wood pack that allowed you to cut out the pieces from the template sheet as soon as you opened the box. But none of the other accessories that you may have become accustomed to with the modern day ARTF and kits. There are two linked reasons for this. The first and most simple reason is that it keeps the cost of the kit down. The second reason is that if we were to put hinges, clevises, control rods, engine mounts and wheels in the kits, they could either be: of poor quality (like some modern ARTFs and kits, which we desperately want to avoid); may not be your preferred way of doing things such as the old fashioned mylar hinge strip vs pin hinges; or you could have loads of accessories in your shed/workshop collected over your years in the hobby and already have these items in your own stocks. Essentially, we want your hobby time with our kits to be of a high level of success and enjoyment using the best possible accessories ensuring that your Skyway Models kits stay airworthy for as long as possible. That why were are keeping the tradition that Skyway Models started with the PlanPacks. But doing worry, we stock everything you need to get one of our kits up in the air.


There are two variants of the Hawk 70 kit available:

Standard Kit – This kit is the recommended kit for anyone wanting to use a 2 stroke nitro engine, a 4 stroke engine up to .82 or electric power.
The standard kit contains, CNC-Cut Balsa and Plywood parts, Balsa strip, undercarriage blocks, Veneered Foam wing coarse, Veneered Foam top decks, Standard Fibreglass Cowl, tail wheel assembly, 8swg piano wire (for undercarriage), 14swg piano wire (for elevator connector rod) wing bolts, Plastiglaze, and a USB containing building instructions and detailed construction images.

Large 4 Stroke Kit – This kit is recommended for anyone wishing you use a Laser 4 stroke engine or above .82
The large 4 Stroke kit is exactly the same as the Standard Kit, but the Standard Fibreglass Cowl is replaced with a Large 4 Stroke Cowl.

Recommended Power Systems

We have had success with the following engines and motor during our testing.

Nitro Electric
.45-.65 2-Stroke Overlander 3548/05
.45-.90 4-Stroke APC12x8E
4S 3350Mah< 35C LiPo

Required to complete:
We have several packages available to assist you in completing your Hawk 70 kit:

Hawk 70 Electric Accessory Pack
Hawk 70 Electric Combo

Hawk 70 Wheel Pack
Hawk 70 Pilot Pack

Hawk 70 Nitro Accessory Pack
Hawk 70 Nitro Accessory Pack – 4 Stroke

You will also require some hinges, clevises, control rods/snakes and some standard servos. We can supply these as well, just let us know during your order.

Wingspan (in/mm): 70″/1778mm
Length (in/mm): 48″/1220mm
All-up weight approx (lbs/kg): 4.5-7.5/2.2-3.4
Channels: 4
Servos: 4/5