Jumper 25-32 Trainer 1.39m (55in) (SEA-15)


Jumper 25-32 Trainer 1.39m (55in) (SEA-15)

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The Jumper 25 is an ideal ARTF kit to get you set up to learn RC Flying. Due to its size it is suited for those with smaller vehicles and can easily be converted to electric flight.

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Key Features
  • 4 channel R/C with 4 servos
  • Approx flying weight – 2.2-2.5kg (4.85-5.5lb)
  • Length – 39ins (101cm)
  • Skill level – Beginner
  • Suits – 25-32 2-stroke (30-40 4-stroke)
  • Wing Area – 23.3sq.dm (499 sq.ins)
  • Wingspan – 139cm (55ins)
What’s in the Box
  • Factory-finished airframe sections
  • Full hardware package including wheels, fuel tank, engine mount etc.
  • Step-by-step instruction manual
Needed to Complete
  • 4-channel R/C equipment with 4 servos
  • .25 – .32 two-stroke engine or .30 – .40 four-stroke engine


Product Description

What a great medium sized factory-built trainer aircraft! More compact than the hugely popular Arising Star but with fabulous flying qualities and the same feature set: laser-cut parts, covered and finished with pinned hinges, steerable nose gear, fitted pushrods/servo trays and comprehensive Seagull accessory pack with illustrated instruction manual.

The cunningly crafted semi-symmetrical wing profile provides fantastic low speed handling and there’s plenty of power when using a trusty SC25 for initial aerobatics training too. It’s the best value, best performing medium sized trainer/sport flyer on the market!