Notice: We are currently closed for stocktake. We will reopen on Monday 24th June at 9am. Any messages or order enquiries will be answered when we re-open. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Mr Hobby Aqeous

Well… we’ve finally done it. We’ve got a new website that, we hope you’ll agree, is much more informative and easier to navigate than our old one. For now though, you won’t be able to buy anything through the site. Our initial aim with this website is to show you our main selling lines and any offers/clearance lines we may have. To begin with, you will see the majority of our RC Car and Aircraft lines, our stocks of building materials along with some explanative pages about the other items we sell. In the coming months these will be followed by our other stock lines in blocks – Paint, Tools etc…

With our stock profile, it is going to take a while to get the site loaded (please note that we will not be able to show everything we stock). So please bare with us while we get there.

Our final goal with this website is to incorporate a ‘Click-n-Collect’/ online ordering service. While we can’t give you a timeline for this, it is part of our future plans.

If you would like to order something through us in the mean time you can contact us through phone, Facebook or email and we can discuss payment, shipping and/or collection. Please note that currently we are unable to send anything in the post such as certain paints, glues and sundries if they contravene the regulations of our couriers.

That’s all for now, but we will aim to do periodic blog posts to update you about our progress and of any new and exciting products/projects!!