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Overlander Premium Sport 2/3 AF 1600mah 6V Flat BEC NiMh Battery

Overlander Premium Sport 2/3 AF 1600mah 6V Flat BEC NiMh Battery


This battery is ready fitted with a JR Universal and a JST-BEC connector. Perfect for Nitro RC cars and other RC applications where space may be an issue.

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The Tornado 2/3 AF 1600mAh 6V flat NiMH battery is part of Overlander’s Premium Sport range. These rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries have amazing power in a neat and compact size. They have twice the discharge rate of AA batteries, meaning great power and high drain. The sizing of these 2/3 AF cells make them a perfect go-to for applications with limited space. It really is surprising how much energy is compressed into these batteries.

NiMH batteries provide the perfect starting point for beginners or users who are unsure of lithium. NiMH packs provide huge power and durability for high drain applications. They are most commonly used in receivers and transmitters and give exceptional results and running times. The NiMH chemistry is improving by the day; they are effortlessly maintained with easy management and care. These key features make these rechargeable batteries an extremely popular choice.

All of Overlander’s NiMH packs are manufactured using pure nickel tabs that are either double or treble tagged. The gold pins within the plugs make for perfect contact with the application which, when working in conjunction with the multi-strand silicone leads, are able to carry high currents. This ensures no power is lost through the interaction, so your packs provide full power throughout use.

Overlander’s UK-based factory facilitates ultrasonic and capacitor resistance welding machinery. Having advanced equipment ensures that all of our highly trained operatives create the most efficient and precise NiMH battery packs to suit all of your applications.