OptiPower Ultra-Guard 430 – Super Combo (inc External LED Device)

OptiPower Ultra-Guard 430 – Super Combo (inc External LED Device)


Ultra Guard 430 including the External LED Device

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ULTRA GUARD 430 is a small lightweight easy to install smart landing system designed to restore total backup control allowing you to land your model safely following a main power failure. A welcome new development and additional safeguard is the easy to fit Ultra Guard high intensity LED Flash Alarm..

The device is plugged into a free port on your RX or FBL system and when you power up the device waits, monitors the system set voltage, then arms at that voltage less 0.5V. The device is then armed and monitoring the system voltage and the state of the buffer pack.
If the buffer pack needs topping up it will do that and balance it from the main packs or RX pack and stop when it gets to a nominal 8.1V. The device samples the system voltage every 2mS and if the system voltage drops below the armed set voltage then the buffer pack steps in if the system voltage recovers it drops out, this is seamless. The device when working can and does indicate locally that its operational and if it is charging or not but this is not able to be seen at distance.
A separate external high intensity LED can be fitted that shows you are on the buffer pack, this is an option and these can be cascaded if required. The device works across 4.6V to 8V.
The combo version (the board and buffer pack) are bound together by clear shrink wrap as is the super combo version (including LED system).


Voltage Sensing 2 – 8.2V
Charges and balances at upto 2C in flight
Universal JR connector
JST-XH balance connection to main board
LED system status
Storage charge function
5A continuous & 10A peak rated intermittent
Total wright just 40 grams
Vibration proof flexi board
Automotive industry quality components
Manufactured in Europe


Ultra Guard PCB Unit

430Mah Ultra Guard LiPo Battery

LED Flash Alarm