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MaxThrust Pro-Built Balsa Riot Uncovered – IC or Electric


MaxThrust Pro-Built Balsa Riot Uncovered – IC or Electric

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Does your club have many members enjoying their MaxThrust Riots, but you don’t like the colour scheme? Then look no further. With the Pro-Built Uncovered version you are free to let your creativity run wild and create your own scheme. To add to the individuality, you can even pop an IC engine in the front! Be one of a kind!

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The Balsa Pro Build Riot is the first Foam based model to be then redesigned and produced in Balsa. We realised that there were lots of you guys out there that really like a good quality Professionally built Balsa model but also loved the original Riot so that’s what we have. Each model comes with the mounts and accessories so that the model can be assembled with either an I.C. Nitro Engine or Electric power, you get to choose the way you want to power your model without having to buy a fitting kit!


The model fly’s well in either configuration and has a fantastic Quality Oracover finish which looks fantastic and stays clean and shiny. The model is available in four different ways, you can buy it in either a pre-covered Red, Blue or Yellow scheme or a ready to cover versions so you can do your own colour scheme. For I.C. power the Prototype model used an OS 40 but you can use up to a .46 size engine. The electric version used an Overlander 4250/06 motor with 4cell 2600 Li-Po battery and this proved to be very powerful. The New Riot Pro Build should prove to be a great club fling model well into the future as its sister foam model has been.