Johnson 683 High Power Motor

Johnson 683 High Power Motor


Special Offer while stocks last!

Ideal motor for any electrical projects, such as model railway accessories, RC Boats and many more!

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This is a very high quality, high power motor with built in fan. We have test run these at high speed for 30 minutes at 12 volts and they stay cool and smooth.


Operating range: 4.8 – 12v DC
Overall Length: 90mm including solder tags
Diameter: 38mm (Max)
Free Load Drain: 2.154 A @ 9.6v
Maximum Efficiency drain: 14.98 A
Motor shaft: 3.175mm
Speed: 20,384RPM @ 9.6v
Maximum Output Power: 106.65 watts
Weight: 240g
Stall Torque: 412 mNm