C35-42-06 930KV Multiplex ROXXY Brushless Outrunner

C35-42-06 930KV Multiplex ROXXY Brushless Outrunner


14-pole brushless outrunner motor; 930kV; 850W; 2 x bearings; 35mm diameter case; 5mm shaft

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Key Features
  • 930kV
  • 7 – 15V
  • 38 – 65A
  • Maximum copper fill ratio and superior neodymium magnets for high efficiency.
  • Large, precision ball races ensure smooth running.
  • Can be mounted from either end.
Product Description

Brushless motors with neodymium magnets represent the very latest form of electric powerplant. Outrunners in particular require no reduction gearbox and are efficient, high-torque motors covering a broad range of power levels. The construction of outrunner motors often enables them to drive large propellers without the need for a gearbox so they are ideal for direct-drive applications.


Overall length (mm): 56.5
Case length (mm): 38.5
Shaft length (mm): 18.0
Shaft diameter (mm): 5.0
Case diameter (mm): 35.0