Tamiya Misubishi Lancer.

A 1/10 scale replica of the famous sports car. It is the enhanced edition which comes with LED lights.

Radio Control Cars


Tamiya Fiat 500.

A 1/10 scale replica of the modern day town car.

Tamiya Blackfoot III.

Retro electric monster truck. 1/10 Scale.


Other makes include; Carisma, Ansmann Racing, GV Models , HBX and more...

More cars are available in store, and for up to date prices please contact us for details.

FTX Carnage Brushless Truggy (Buggy available).

This little truggy packs loads of power and speed for little money!!! The brushless motor and LiPo battery which is inculded makes this a excellent brushless starter.

HPI Trophy Truggy (Brushless and Nitro. Buggy available)

A massive 1/8 scale truck which comes in two systems. The nitro version is an excellent starter into the nitro hobby whereas the brushless system is an extreme beast recomended for intermideate drivers.